well, here we go.

a photography site? really? this is something i've dreamed of, and it's finally here. is it perfect? nope. could i keep waiting and waiting to release it until it is? yep... but actually, that would never happen. could i keep comparing myself to others, waiting until i'm just as good as them? sure, but who wants to keep playing the comparison game? so here i am, leaping out on faith and making it public for all of you to gaze and critique. and that's been the fear. people looking. people having an opinion. and maybe they won't like it...

the enemy is so quick to discourage.

however, it's time. time to stop worrying about what people will and won't like. time for failures. time for successes. i love photography. and i'm going to share it. i've got mistakes to make and room for growth will come from making them.

it's an exciting time of life, y'all. join me?