Getting Back To What I Love

Remember when Instagram first came out? Sharing pictures of whatever, whenever. My first picture is of a cup of tea or something like that… Then creatives started posting more of their photography and art, and I started following them. It was so inspiring for me. I can account a lot of my growth as a photographer to Instagram. Praise God for it. 

However, overtime, things became a comparison game. Why is this guy getting a lot of likes? My picture is better… Why does this girl have so many followers? Oh man. How sad... When did my validation come in the number of likes? Or number of followers?

Comparison will steal your joy the Lord has for you. I know it has done it for me. But that time is over. I’m getting back to the joy of doing what I love. For me. For my benefit. It’s not selfish, it’s taking care of self. How am I going to grow into the person God made me to be if I’m spending all my time wishing I was in the place of so-and-so? And how is my mind going to be free to love, if I can’t even present what I’m doing in love? 

In getting back to that, I took a couple hours to go over to Salemtown Board Co. in north Nashville. If you get a chance, stop by and talk to Will, the owner. He’s an incredible person with the goal of building a diverse community within the body of Christ. STBC held a skate competition a few weeks ago. I low-key love skateboarding and the culture that comes along with it. I grabbed my camera, step out of my comfort zone, and went. It felt so good to get back to my passion. There were no rules. No one's pressure to get the right shot. Just me and my camera. 

And now, instead of comparing, I learn. What hashtags work? What exposure is better in this lighting? Changing my perspective has increased my knowledge.

I encourage you to get back to what you love, and do it because you love it. Not for the money. Not for the notoriety. But strictly because it brings you joy. The Lord gave you that passion, so enjoy it! Use it for His glory.